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Post by Admin on Mon Dec 03, 2018 3:36 pm

Send the payment using bitcoin. Immediately after donating the download link will be sent to your email automatically.

You can instantly buy bitcoins using Paypal from or

Then send to bellow wallet address.

BTC Wallet id: 1EtTbNzsqu48d4rjCWA4g5uD6cY6hQNsaW
You can also scan this QR Code.
Select preferred payment method Aey7QZZ5XQ3y02SSa6TSmH5jLgXlDz2DOKrLCuU_q31vmzPg_DWP1Bsv3RMYS_HdSWSFPnFfHS7lTfiHUwA0PexFdKq7i0z25nw=w5000-h5000
After paying forward the received email to

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