How To Fool Copyscape In Iwriter.Com without using article spinners

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How To Fool Copyscape In Iwriter.Com without using article spinners Empty How To Fool Copyscape In Iwriter.Com without using article spinners

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How To Fool Copyscape In Iwriter.Com without using article spinners

Those who work in iwriter know very well how hard it is for articles to pass copyscape.  Even the use of article spinners does not help as such because nearly all article spinners generate unreadable articles which can not be approved by requesters.  Again, if you use manual spinning you take a lot of time as you are required to change every 4th word failure to which you will not pass copyscape.

As a result, I embarked on a journey to search for a way, a trick, a program, a script, a bot or anything else that could help me fool copyscape and let me submit articles without changing or spinning words. I must confess that it was tough that I even reached to a point of giving up. If you try to do a research on how to fool copyscape you will find that many sites say that the only way to trick, fool or avoid copyscape is to use spinners. There other sites that tell you to copy and paste your article to their site to change the encoding and that too does not help as the final article is not human readable.

After many days of working tirelessly, navigating from site to site looking for a program to fool copyscape I finally got it. And guess what I did not get online I am the one who invented it.  I have been using the program now for quite some time and this is a dream come true. To spin and submit a 500 word article it was taking me a minimum of two hours and to make the matter worse most of my articles were being rejected as am not that good in literature. Now am able to take and submit any   1000, 700, 500, 300, 150 word article within 10-15 minutes using this program. The good thing is that now most of my articles are being approved and I am one the high rated writer plus I get I get many special requests every now and then.

To help you understand how this program works, I have copied a segment of an article from ezine articles here:

   “Online application is one of the easiest and safest modes to get instant approval for the funds. Borrower can achieve an amount from the same day loans up to £100 to £1500 with the settlement period of 14-31 days.“

Copy and paste the above text to the Google search bar or  highlight -right click- search Google ” and you will see where I copied the article from. This means that the article can not pass copyscape and you can not submit such an article in iwriter.

Now lets put our program to test and see if it will make the same article unique without spinning or changing any word

Copy the below same text and search it in Google

“Оnlіne applіcatіоn іs оne оf the easіest and safest mоdes tо get іnstant apprоval fоr the funds. Bоrrоwer can achіeve an amоunt frоm the same day lоans up tо £100 tо £1500 wіth the settlement perіоd оf 14-31 days.”
What is the result? Dint find any matching content? Yeah that’s it! This program makes the copied content unique. Now you can kiss goodbye to copyscape.  Never again will your articles fail to be submitted due to plagiarism.

  How to use this program

This program is easy to use as you only need to click a button to make your article unique. No installation required, you can use it on any computer no renewal or monthly subscription.

Included in this script is a link to the top article directories. You will be able to get almost all articles as per the keyword specified.

Want This Pro?

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