A Single Password For All (Filesify.Com/Kypequ) Or (Filesify.Com/Qizfcq) Surveys

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A Single Password For All (Filesify.Com/Kypequ) Or (Filesify.Com/Qizfcq) Surveys Empty A Single Password For All (Filesify.Com/Kypequ) Or (Filesify.Com/Qizfcq) Surveys

Post  Admin on Thu Oct 23, 2014 6:37 am

Relax now if you have downloaded any password protected rar file and are required to complete surveys at

As you may have noticed, there are many password protected rar files that require you to carry out surveys at the mentioned survey URLs in order to get the password txt for extracting.  This is because these files have been uploaded by the same person and have been encrypted using a single password which we’re sharing here.

Here is a list of some of the files encrypted with this password

  • Assassin's creed.iv black flag pc
    BioShock Infinite PC
    bleach soul resereccion.rar
    Command and Conquer Generals 2
    Devil May Cry 5 (dmc5)
    Devil May Cry 5 for PC
    Dragon dogma
    Grand Theft Auto 5 pc
    Kingdom under fire 2
    Magic X Legacy
    Marvel Heroes PC - Gameplay
    Metro Last Light
    Metro Last Light PC
    Need For Speed Rivals
    P2P PC
    Ps3 Devil's Third
    Ps3 Siren blood Curse and Bulletstorm Limited Edition
    Ride to Hell Retribution PC games
    Simcity 5 PC
    Splinter cell blacklist.rar
    StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm PC Game
    Titan quest
    Tomb raider
    Total war Rome II
    Watch dogs game

If you've downloaded any of the above listed files or any other file that require surveys from (Filesify.Com/Kypequ) Or (Filesify.Com/Qizfcq), use this password to unzip your files.

How To Get This Password
As it took me a considerable amount of time and resources to find this password, this is why I ask you to donate $8 HERE in order to get the password. Immediately after donating you will automatically be redirected to a web page containing this password txt for extracting any of the above listed .rar file.

NB. No surveys, registration, or redirection is required after making your donation.

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